I have banned myself from Ultimate Team now.  I hate it

I have banned myself from Ultimate Team now.  I hate it

Drunk FIFA is best FIFA.

Get drunk, play FIFA, get competitive, do this,


Record it, never let them live it down.

I used to enjoy


Relentlessly murdering every single scientist in Half-Life. My favourite way was to club them with the crowbar, watch them running around panicking for a bit, waiting till they had fully calmed down, then shooting them in the face at point blank range.

Quite disturbing to see it written down like that. 

:uhoh: :lol:

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I broke my 36” samsung tv with a controller recently, seething.

Also took a hammer to a really nice bedside cabinet once. Punched a hole in a wardrobe.

Leathered a washing up basket with a golf club, f**k it right over.

Computer games wind me right up :mad:

I was playing Ape Escape on PS1 and there was this level set in kind of an underground sewer where you had to get across the water using his elaborate gadgets then up on some platforms then finally into this tunnel. Anyone who has played Ape escape, knows it has a unique control scheme where you have to perform hand based gymnastics using the analogue sticks which is the gaming equivalent of patting your head your and rubbing your belly whilst juggling plates. So after what must of been an hour of trying to get across this damn level, culminating in me using his helicopter gadget that required constant 360 degree rotation of the analogue stick, on my 50th ‘ish try, I finally FINALLY got up to the tunnel entrance. The mental and physical relief of being able to give my fingers a rest was soon cut short as this little twat pink blob thing knocked me straight back to the bottom.

I went mental, I chucked my controller at the wall, screamed like a baby & swore like a maniac. I then noticed that my bedroom window was open and I could here voices. As I peered out the window there stood my Dad talking to my next door neighbour below me in the back garden. When I went down stairs later in the day after the shame had subsided, my Dad told me “I had problem”. I was 25.

FIFA 12 was awful for rage quits - I’ve never really got angry at computer games before, even on Championship Manager I was fine when it screwed me over. There’s something about FIFA12, even when I was winning, had the better of the game etc it just made me angry. Smashed 2 controllers in the space of 3 weeks by throwing them against the wall/wooden floor in my lounge, then decided enough was enough and didn’t play it again.

I don’t know what it is about the game but it should come with a warning label :lol: :picard:

One of my friends told me he chased a man on GTA4 throwing fried chicken at him until he died, that made me laugh :lol:

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"Act of Beast"

We had an all day Pro Evo tournament on the PS2 back in the day.

Anyways, one of the semis was [fellow member of F365 forum], and he won his semi quite comfortably.

The other was myself against [another fellow member of the f365 forum], and he’d already beaten me in the group stages.

He was known to get quite animated during games, and I think I beat him in the last minute of normal time or something.

He screamed and walked out of the room to his garden. Pretty sure he told his dog to “fuck off” and started kicking things around. :lol:

Another time he borrowed my PS2 pad, smashed it after another loss and tried to get out of buying me a new one, claiming his dog had chewed it and it was an “act of beast”.

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The Sims does weird things to people

I once made my fat friend on The Sims, played as his character for an hour or so then spent about 3 hours trying to get him laid :Picard:

I ended up turning him gay and making him move in with a wealthy guy

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